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The Movement for United Albania (LSHB) Intends to Unite the Albanians into a Single State

The process of creation of national states in the Illyric Peninsula has yet to be completed, we Albanians are a concrete example. The colonial issue of Albanian territories needs to be addressed and settled in its entirety, and in no way can partial solutions that would further harm the national cause be recognized. In a time when the Albanians are growing as a people yet shrunken as a nation, the presentation of a national movement with it’s reach among all territories, in which the main aim is to pave the way in necessity of a final solution to the Albanian national cause, with the basic goal of the reunification of a divided nation, is a project that is democratic, stabilizing and Europeanist. 

In this regard, it is meaningless and unreasonable that the old divisive borders be imposed on the Albanians, in a time when the European Union claims the elimination of borders. In Europe, national states integrate and unite as a whole, not as divided and conquered peoples. A United Europe cannot be realized while denying the Albanians their legitimate right to a national state. Therefore, the demagoguery of the European Union and of the Albanian political parties for a Europe where borders are irrelevant or nonexistent, is nothing more than another failed trend of ignoring the Albanian national cause and keeping partitioned our territories, which was never in any way justified. 
United Albania, beyond being the most valued ideal of every Albanian, at the same time proposes the true Albania with it’s legal and historical borders, guaranteeing permanent stability in the region. United Albania, aside from correcting the historical injustices against the Albanians is also of political and economic interest for a brighter future for the Albanians.
Tahir Veliu

The Movement for United Albania
Special thanks to Anton Palushja for the translation!

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