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Shkup: Movement for United Albania held its promotional meeting

The Movement for United Albania was promoted in Shkup presenting their idea of physically uniting all Albanian territories in a single Albanian national country – United Albania. The political program of the Movement and the book “Platform for United Albania” of Tahir Veliu, who is also the President of this Movement, was presented on this event. In his address, Veliu stressed that “the only and rightful solution for the Albanian issue under the occupation of artificial Macedonia is the right to self-determination, liberation from occupation and reunitfication with the original country Albania”. “We are gathered here to prove that Ilirida is Eastern Albania, and that it always belonged to Albania and never to Slavic Macedonia! We are here to say NO to the servile policy of the Albanian political class and say enough to the anti-Albanian agreements. The Ohrid Agreement is dead just like the artificial country of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, stated Veliu. 

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