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Promoter of United Albania says he’ll feel like on his own land in Tuzi

The Movement for United Albania will hold a meeting in Tuz on August 20th. 

The Movement for United Albania is a nationwide Albanian political and democratic movement, which has the ultimate objective the comprehensive solution of the Albanian national cause, and is committed to the physical unification of the Albanian lands into a single Albanian national state – United Albania, according to the judicial act of november 28, 1912. 

“I don’t expect any problems with entering or leaving Tuz or other Albanian territories currently under Montenegro. I have visited Tuz before and plan to be there on August 20th to promote and present a peacefull alternative. I sincerely hope that what happened with Serbia and Greece, does not repeat with Montenegro. There is nothing dangerous about my book. Everything presented there is peacefull and in accordance with all international conventions and judicial acts” declared Veliu.

Veliu added that “The Movement for United Albania considers that United Albania should not be seen as a threat to its neighbors, but as an opportunity to ensure lasting peace and stability in the region of the Illyrian Peninsula.”
Asked why was he declared unwanted by Serbia and Greece if everything in his book is peaceful, Veliu emphasized that these are “countries stuck in past” who “should apologize to Albanians for the genocide that they had committed”. 
The President of the Movement for United Albania and the author of the Platformfor United Albania, Mr. Tahir Veliu said that: “The unjust decision of Serbia and Greece to declare me a person non grata clearly states that they themselves are still stuck in their criminal past and unable to give up their hegemonic ambitions towards the Albanians. In order for Serbia to fully be democratic, they must admit and apologize for the genocide that they have committed against the Albanians. Serbia killed 15 thousand Albanians in the war in Kosova. Today over one thousand and 800 are still missing. 20 thousand Albanian women were raped by the serbs. 200 thousand Albanians homes and properties were destroyed by the army and Serbian police. 1 million Albanians were expelled from their homes towards the region and the world. 

This also stands, for thruth for Greece. Greece has to admitt and apologize for the genocide committed against the Albanians in Chameria. 

Even today, in the territories of Chameria one could detect traces of the crime, the properties that expect the owners to return, the land bleeding the blood of its children, pregnant women, old men and women, who for centuries survived the state slavery and extermination by the Greek occupiers.”

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