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Albania – the land of eagles is getting old

Prof. Dr. Lisen Bashkurti
From the written media, from audiovisual channels and from social networks, I am reading, observing and hearing heartbreaking news. Behind the curtain of all this information I feel an adagio that is becoming ever more pessimistic …the hunger of young generation to escape from Albanian territories. Why are we failing to satisfy the young generation despite our success with securing freedom and democratic dimensions!?


Insecurity instead of prosperity

The young generation is similar to impalas. It is soft, honest, morally clean, enthusiastic and as a result it cannot coop with the frightening insecurity that has engulfed Albanian life.

Tomorrow’s insecurity towards life, work, personal finances and national economy generates a great sorrow against the young generation. While deeply affected by such an environment of insecurity the young generation is exploring a ‘strategy of salvation’…

Propaganda instead of a bright future

The Young are equal to satellite antennas that give and take signals at the global level in our time. Not only the educated youngsters but also those who have not received a formal education, all of them are taking infinite information.

Such a flux of information and communications has transformed today’s young generation to become the fiercest opposition of political propaganda that is coming from any direction. Unfortunately Albanian politics is a rusted machinery that is producing an ugly propaganda for the youngster’s ears. The latter is comparing Albanian political propaganda with the daily realities in the country and with what it absorbs from the world. Such a widening gap is forcing the young Albanians to explore an “escape strategy”…

Drugs instead of employment

The country has embraced the most apocalyptic image that is possible today. Drugs are in the fields and mountains; drugs are in villages and cities; drugs in farms and garages; drugs in homes and government offices. Drugs on every direction; drugs in every mind and living soul…

An Albania poisoned unlike never before while ignoring its Young Generation with a clean soul. A poisoning that has killed the real estate properties, employment, business, honest national economy, competition, equal opportunity, social justice, health care and above all the moral character of the society.

The youth has been hit right where it cannot afford it any more. It has many desires and does not know what it needs at the same time! It has dreams and doesn’t know why! It is thinking without a compass. It is requesting something while fighting with itself, with their parents and with any other person. On such a slum that is succumbed into drugs, Albanian youth needs a fresh air. For such a strategy it is mapping the “strategy of immigration”…

Alcohol and erosion instead of culture

Cultural environment in Albania is corroded from alcoholic beverages that are similar to hysterical attitudes and hungry people who are desperate and are eager to get out of dark holes.

Bars and pubs, disco entertainment, weddings and parties, radio televisions have transformed the cultural environment in Albania into an ‘aesthetical insanity’, were Eros, excitation, hallucinations and alcoholic beverages are ruling the soft world of youth.

Such an environment of insanity is equally toxic as drugs. Such a cultural environment is a drug ‘sui generis’ that is sickening all the clean and lucid minds. Drugs together with alcohol are taking away Albanian youth from the bountiful path of success and leads them towards emptiness, vanity, violence, drugs and assassinations.

Awakened in the morning with turbulent minds, exhausted bodies and wounded souls, the youth is looking for some light through the “strategy of escape”.

Emptiness instead of wisdom

Schools and universities are always far, very far from the dreams of young generation. They are seen as short term objectives. They are considered as ad-hoc projects without a long term aspiration or a lifelong destiny.

It appears that a strong fatherly feeling is broken and the desire for knowledge is vanished. People feel very much unmotivated including the acquisition of their knowledge from Universities and Schools. A great mountain of obscurity is harming the dreams of youngsters to pursue an education.

Such a dark mountain is harming their values and merits in order to move forward. Just like a snow storm ruining the image of a mountain, are falling the waves of ignorance, corruption and immorality all over the Albanian youth. They are storms of collapse and immoral actions.

While convinced of their incapability to overthrow such a dark mountain, the youth is disinterested towards schools and universities. It is looking for the future without knowledge through the “strategy of setback”.

Nursing homes instead of birth homes

From all of this destruction, the result is the social endemic of escape, going away, immigration, leaving y

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