Kryefaqja / ENGLISH / Albanian patriots took down the Greek flag in Himara!

Albanian patriots took down the Greek flag in Himara!

A group called “Movement for a United Albania” announced on social networks that in the early morning hours today, December 4, they removed the Greek flag from the entrance of the old Albanian castle of Himara, which was raised 24 hours before and made headlines in the Albanian media, such as Shekulli.

“Many members of the Movement for a United Albania, from the Albanian territories traveled to Himara to download the Greek flag lifted the Greek chauvinists Castle of Himara” said Tahir Veliu, head of the Movement for a United Albania.
The Movement for a United Albania is a national movement founded on 16 July 2016 with the aim of physical unification of all Albanian territories in a single state with Albanian national and natural borders, in accordance with the legal act of November 28, 1912, notes the publication that translates

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