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A book of short essays that encopasses the past, present challenges and the future projections of the Balkan nations is rarely accentuated in the international circles of scholars and regional universities.  
Ambassador Lisen Bashkurti, just like the 19th century humanist August Comte who attempted to unite every study of humankind through the scientific perception of the social realm, is tackling some of the substantial challenges that have and continue to be encountered by the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Kosovo and Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia.
Moreover, Ambassador Lisen Bashkurti – a thirty year foreign service veteran in the Albanian Foreign Service – in one of his analysis calles upon the great powers to pay more attention to the protracted armed conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh, a sovereign territory within the Republic of Azerbaijan that has been occupied by the Armenian Armed Forces for over 25 years and caused the world’s largest crisis of internally displaced persons in the world (after the Syrian war crisis.  
In this compelling volume, Ambassador Bashkurti is focusing on the pressing issues of: geopolitics, public diplomacy implemented by the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, impact of U. S. Foreign Policy in the Balkans, regional Russian geostrategic shifts, Albanian parliamentarian diplomacy led by Chairman Ilir Meta, is raising the imperative issues between Albania and Greece; analyzing the recent referendum in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Republica Srpska; Vice President Biden’s visit to Kosovo and the upcoming early elections in Macedonia. 
In Comte’s discernment, Sociology is deemed as a “supreme science” while on Ambassador Bashkurti’s essays, public diplomacy, strong democratic institutions, pragmatic economic diplomacy in the Balkans, effective higher education policies and nation loving principles, enable every Balkan government to preserve a “supreme peace” in the region.
Prof. Dr. Lisen Bashkurti, a long time university executive in various countries of the Balkans, is providing an introspection and analysis of the political class on a few Balkan countries, encompassing the conscious decisiomaking of government leaders in the outskirts of Europe as well as critizing the feeble implementation of public policies that directly affect the economic growth and living standards of every Balkan citizen. 
Ambassador Bashkurti’s writing and general panorama of today’s Balkans, paired with a meticulous intuition, makes this collection of twenty essays stand at the apex of the socio-economic and development and ever shifting contexts in the Balkans of today and for many years to come.


Ambassador Bashkurti’s articulate writing style and pragmatic vision for the Balkans cannot be better expressed than his own words: “Our Time is in favor of the Albanian people. Are the Albanian leaderships, on both sides of the border [Kosovo and Albania], capable to rise up to this occasion, be aware and willing to understand such an era and pursue a mutually beneficial path that is occurring in today’s world trends?” these deep and patriotic words should encourage every Albanian leader to be an advocate of economic growth and development instead of becoming corrupt; adopt an honest public service practice instead of sheltering narco traffickers; work for the public good not for illicit enrichment; implement effective public policies that benefit all and not attempt to widen the gap between the poor and the rich. 
I am confident that Ambassador Bashkurti experience reflected in his visionary righting will contribute towards generating a prosperous future for the Balkans region.

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