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Kosova’s independece is non-negotiable. EU double standards and biased policies towards Albanians have to end

Tahir Veliu*

EU-facilitated talks between Kosova and Serbia undermine the Independence of Kosova. The independence of Kosova and the future of our nation is not up for negotiations with anyone, and especially not with Serbia, who is responsible for over a century long genocide against the Albanians and still has Albanian territories under its occupation.

Furthermore, the European Union has to abandon its biased policies in the Balkans. Serbia must be held accountable for the war crimes and genocide that they have committed. The current unfortunate Serbian attempt to build a wall in Mitrovica, to further divide our nation, is another direct threat to the stability of the region. It is unacceptable, that in a period when Europe is trying to break down the walls that divide us, the EU is silent over the issue of Mitrovica, which indirectly implies to the Serbs that this form of behavior is acceptable in the EU. We will never have long lasting peace or talk about normalizing and reestablishing relations when the aggressor (Serbia) is constantly being portrayed as the victim.

The European Union and the International community must act now to prevent another war in the Balkans, that is being fabricated in Belgrade. The Serbian state sponsored silent ethnic cleansing and expulsion of Albanians from Presheva, Medvegja and Bujanoc must stop now, in order to prevent yet another attempt of genocide by Serbia. The Serbian terror against the Albanians of Presheva, Medvegja and Bujanoc has to come to an end, otherwise another widespread Balkan war could easily be in the making.

The constant pressure by Serbia, to further destabilize and blackmail Kosova into concessions must come to an end, as well as EU double standards and biased policies, which are currently alienating the Albanians from the rest of Europe and infringing the legitimate right of the Albanians to self-determination, decolonization and rightful aspirations for a free and United Albania. The Albanians are the cradle of the earliest European civilization and deserve to be treated equal, like everyone else. The aspiration of the countries of the region for integration in the European Union, dictates friendship with neighbors, in which always by respecting the full equality and the rights of all for self-determination, but certainly not subservient.

*The author is the President of the Movement for United Albania.


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