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Kastriot Berishaj President of the Movement for United Albania

The difference between United Albania and “Greater Albania”

Neighboring states (occupiers of Albanian territories) all too often tend to try and equate the term United Albania with the term “Greater Albania” which does not contain or imply the same meaning.

The term United Albania means nothing more and nothing less than the territories historically populated by the autochthonous Albanians, the undoubtedly and scientifically proven descendants of the Pelasgians and Illyrians. United Albania means the Albanian territories proclaimed independent by the legal act of the 28th of November 1912; (Administrative Albania, Kosova, Ilirida under FYROM, the Great Highlands under Montenegro, Eastern Kosova under Serbia, and Chameria under Greece).

The term “Greater Albania”, invented in greater Greco-Serbo-Slavic galleys, suggests a territorial expansion of Albania against neighboring countries and their unjustly occupied territories. The anti-Albanian term “Greater Albania” suggests a territory five-times greater than the actual territories inhabited by Albanians, from the Danube River to the Peloponnesse and Aegean. This “academic” term fabricated by anti-Albanian circles was invented to create obstacles for the Albanians in achieving national unification, – that is United Albania. “Greater Albania” is a fairytale term of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences based in Belgrade, and its branches the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences (in Shkupi), the Montenegrin Academy of Arts and Sciences (in Podgorica) etc.

The unification of the Albanians in a single national state is the only lasting solution to the Albanian national issue, which means the unification of all Albanian territories in an Albanian national state – United Albania. A free and united Albania does not have territorial claims on neighboring states, therefore it can never be called “Greater Albania”.


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