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1921 Hasan Prishtina: Brief Memoir on the Albanian Uprising of 1912

Hasan Prishtina (1873-1933) was born in Vushtrria (Kosova) and attended a French secondary school in Thessalonika and a college of administration in Istanbul. His actual name is Hasan Berisha. He initially supported the Young Turks and was elected to the Turkish parliament in 1908, but, having eloquently denounced Ottoman massacres …

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Today, the Albanians and the civilized world Remembers the Reçak massacre, which happened 19 years ago, when the Serbian state terrorist forces massacred 45 Albanian civilians. The former head of the OSCE observer mission in Kosova, Ambassador William Walker, had described the massacre as a “crime against humanity”. The massacre …

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Aleksandar Stipcevic – The Illyrians are the autochthonous population of the Western Balkans

Aleksandar Stipcevic, a highly distinguished Croatian archeologist, bibliographer, academic, essayist and Albanologist who was also an external member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo, passed away at the age of 85. The Republic of Albania honored and decorated him with “Naim Frasheri” medal and the order of …

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Turkish-Greek-Yugoslav agreement for expulsion of Albanians to Turkey

Turkish-Greek-Yugoslav agreement for expulsion Albanians to Turkey The Yugoslav-Turkish Convention of 1938 and the Treaty of Yugoslavia, Turkey and Greece of 28 February 1953 is known as the Balkan Pact signed in Ankara. Based on a systematic survey of both Yugoslav and Turkish consular services, it is demonstrated that between 1951 …

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The Movement for United Albania is legalized by the Republic of Albania

The Movement for United Albania (LSHB), which aims the physical unification of Albanian territories in a single Albanian national state – United Albania, has been legalized by the Republic of Albania, according to decision no. 5620 of the Court of Tirana Judicial Council, announced the head of the Movement for …

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Kosova issues warrant for 57 Serb war crimes suspects

The authorities of the Republic of Kosova have issued warrants for 57 Serbs suspected of war crimes in Kosova. During 1998-1999 they allegedly committed war crimes against the civilian population. International demands for their arrest were issued by decision of the pretrial judges of EULEX and local judges. “Against the …

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