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Albania – the land of eagles is getting old

Prof. Dr. Lisen Bashkurti From the written media, from audiovisual channels and from social networks, I am reading, observing and hearing heartbreaking news. Behind the curtain of all this information I feel an adagio that is becoming ever more pessimistic …the hunger of young generation to escape from Albanian territories. …

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The difference between United Albania and “Greater Albania”

Neighboring states (occupiers of Albanian territories) all too often tend to try and equate the term United Albania with the term “Greater Albania” which does not contain or imply the same meaning. The term United Albania means nothing more and nothing less than the territories historically populated by the autochthonous …

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Shkup: Movement for United Albania held its promotional meeting

The Movement for United Albania was promoted in Shkup presenting their idea of physically uniting all Albanian territories in a single Albanian national country – United Albania. The political program of the Movement and the book “Platform for United Albania” of Tahir Veliu, who is also the President of this …

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