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Greek state terrorism must stop and Greece must adhere to its international obligations

Political Declaration of the Movement for United Albania in regards to the unjust treatment of autochthonous Albanians and the continued state terror by Greece. The so called “incident” of the seven Greek army recruits of Albanian origin, of the Missolonghi boot camp, who have yet to take on the the …

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“Macedonia” IS EASTERN ALBANIA. IN “Macedonia” only Albanians are indigenous. Slavo-Macedonians are newcomers

The founder of the Movement for United Albania Tahir Veliu reacted to Bransilav Svetozarevic, currently director of the Museum of VMRO, who in his book “Macedonia Tetovo, from ala Turka up ala franc” has insulted Albanians calling them killers. According to him, Macedonia is a country without a name and …

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